AFS Space: Update

We all need a little space… and your Andrew File System (AFS) space at is your online space within the U of A. On May 14, the AFS servers will undergo a necessary upgrade to meet security standards. When this happens, you may notice a small behavioural change on your site. Here’s what you need to know going forward.

What is the directory listing?

The Directory Listing is just a view, not a feature. It shows you where all your files are located within your AFS space, but turning it off does not affect the actual files. Click here to see an example of a directory listing.

How will this affect me?

It may not. Approximately 33% of our AFS space users and have a page called “Directory Listing.” This displays which files are setup on each page, but it also comes with security issues. Therefore, the AFS server upgrade will eliminate the Directory Listing view for those users who have it.

This change is scheduled to take place May 14–16. During those two days, anyone who tries to access their Directory Listing through one of the new web servers will instead be redirected to a Forbidden page. Anyone accessing through the old web servers will see normal behaviour. Once the old web servers have been removed from the configuration, the Directory Listing page will also be gone.

This is the only major change coming out of the AFS server upgrade. Everything else on your AFS space will be running much more efficiently.  

How will I be able to access my files?

The Directory Listing is just a view, not a feature. When it’s removed, your files will still be there and you will still be able to access them, but you’ll have to log in through Samba to see them rather than go through your Directory Listing. For instructions on logging into Samba, read this help article.

You have two other options for accessing your AFS space files:

  1. Move all your files and folders to Google Drive
  2. Make a website within your AFS space or create a static HTML page linking the directory listings

When is this happening?

The AFS server upgrade is scheduled for May 14–16, 2017.

Who can I talk to if I have any issues?

Contact IST with any questions or problems you have. Our service experts are available at or 780-492-9400.


Posted by phaggard