Design, Write, Code, Repeat

When Cassandra Lawrence joined IST as a Service Desk Analyst, she brought a vast array of skills with her: troubleshooting, customer service, a good memory, and the ability to convince a client that sometimes, turning the computer off and on again really will fix the problem.

Since joining the Service Desk team in October under Team Lead Amy Ferguson, Cassandra handles about 30–35 calls a day. She solves issues ranging from simple password resets to complex network troubleshooting. On busier days, like when many U of A passwords had to be reset due to malware, she can take up to 115 calls.  

Before coming to IST, Cassandra worked at Alberta Blue Cross, where she was responsible for “all the spreadsheets that nobody else wanted to do.” But mostly, she was working her way through school, earning degrees in System Administration, English and Creative Writing, and Digital Illustration. “I’m actually making an independent video game right now,” says Cassandra. “I’m doing the art, the writing, and the coding.”

So far, Cassandra has found IST to be fast-paced and different every day. “I’m still learning things right now,” says Cassandra. “There are still some calls I get where I’ve never heard of what they’re talking about, so I have to put them on hold and ask someone… thankfully, my team is awesome.”  

Posted by Sheena Moore