Microsoft Windows 10 for Education is now available through Information Services and Technology (IST) at OnTheHub. OnTheHub offers staff, faculty, and researchers the ability to browse, purchase and download software all through the convenience of an online store.

The security, technical review, and testing of Microsoft Windows 10 for Education is now complete and an adequately secure version is now available for university business. This Windows 10 upgrade is only available for installation on university owned computers. This edition includes key applications and web browsers and is pre-configured with power saving, security, privacy, and technical settings that meet the needs of the university. The information security review was overseen by the Office of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), while the technical review was conducted by IST.

Windows 10 includes a new web browser in the form of Microsoft Edge; however for compatibility, IST recommends using Google Chrome to access UAlberta Google Apps, Bear Tracks, PeopleSoft, and eClass. Internet Explorer 11 has also been included.

Please note that as an upgrade, this license requires that your computer was purchased with a full operating system license. For example if you are installing Windows 10 on a PC, the PC would need to have been purchased with a Windows license. If you are installing in a virtual environment on a Mac, the Mac would need to have been purchased with OS X.

IT administrators may be interested in our Key Management Service (KMS) to support volume activation of systems connected to the university network. If you are deploying Windows 10 in a Microsoft Active Directory (AD) environment, please review the required settings to offer Windows 10 in this capacity. If you are using the edition of Windows 10 that was pre-installed on your system or downloaded direct from Microsoft, these same settings must be applied and enforced.

Please check with your IT support team prior to installing Windows 10. If you have any questions, please contact IST at or 780-492-9400.

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