IST is excited to announce the introduction of G Suite Training (formerly Training for Google Apps)—a virtual coach and guide for using UAlberta Google Apps. G Suite Training is a Google Chrome extension that provides users a personal training experience on common uses of Google’s suite of applications. Excellent for those users who are brand new to the application and would like to learn key tasks, such as sending an email, and for those users who are more experienced and need assistance with more advanced tasks, such as setting up labels.

G Suite Training is integrated into Google in a way that provides a training experience like no other. Need assistance sending an email? With G Suite Training, users will be guided through the task visually from start to finish—all without leaving the application.

Interested to learn more? Starting August 9 we’ll be releasing weekly tips through Visit to see what’s possible through Google Apps.

Ready to install? Visit the following to get started:
Install Now: Set up in-app training for Google App

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