A People Person

Erika Tischer recently joined our IST project management team as a former project manager, portfolio manager and program manager in the private sector; she is now enjoying her job at the University as a senior project manager. It was Erika’s interest in the university that brought her to IST: “ I have always kind of been interested in the university environment, so I pursued an opportunity, started talking about what the environment was like and what projects were like...a position became available and so I applied.”  


Erika's job mostly “entails projects that interface with the client but they are more transparent, behind the scenes… but we have to make sure when we do those projects, the customer is not impacted.” Therefore, it is really crucial for her to always grasp the scope of her projects and also envision what the possible client impact will be.

“I am people person, I love working with people so I don’t like to go into corners or work on programming, I like the people part of things, so that’s why I enjoy projects.“ For Erika, the most important part of her job is getting to help and work with people, this is what gives her that glowing smile that she always carries.

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