Incident Report Number: 2016-003


Ticket Number: INC0042059
Problem Number: PRB0010141
Major Incident Number: MIR0001087
What happened?

The eClass service experienced an issue.

Who was affected?

All eClass users may have been affected by this outage.

What was the impact?

The affected users experienced difficulty accessing eClass.

What was the timeline of the incident?

Start: 2016/01/14 07:25 - Third party vendor monitoring systems began alerting of an issue. Vendor support teams began investigating.
2016/01/14 07:50 - IST eClass support was alerted by vendor of ongoing incident.
2016/01/14 08:20 - Issue was determined to be with a server located at the vendor site, it was restarted to restore service. 
End: 2016/01/14 08:30 - Service was confirmed restored.

What was the root cause of the incident?

A server supporting the eClass application located at the vendor site experienced an issue and had to be restarted.

What was the work around and resolution for the incident?
Work Around

Not Applicable.


Affected server was restarted by the vendor.

What are any recommendations to prevent this incident from occurring again?

None, this issue was at the vendor level.