Incident Report Number: 2016-002

University of Alberta Website

Ticket Number: INC0041949
Problem Number: PRB0010140
Major Incident Number: MIR0001086
What happened?

The web site experienced an outage.

Who was affected?

Anyone trying to view the site was affected by this outage.

What was the impact?

Affected users would receive an error message when attempting to visit the university’s main web portal

What was the timeline of the incident?

Start: 2016/01/12 22:35 - Monitoring systems alerted there was an issue with multiple servers that host the web portal

2016/01/12 22:45 - IT support analysts began investigating the issue.

2016/01/12 23:10 - Investigations determined all affected servers were up and running. IT support analysts suspected the issue might be related to the way internet traffic was being directed to the affected servers.

2016/01/12 23:40 - IT support analysts determined the root cause was a configuration file on the affected servers. Corrections were implemented to the files on all affected servers.

End: 2016/01/12 23:45 - Service was restored.

What was the root cause of the incident?

This outage was caused by a an incorrect setting being applied to a configuration file on the affected servers during a scheduled configuration change.

What was the work around and resolution for the incident?
Work Around

Not Applicable.


Configuration file was corrected.

What are any recommendations to prevent this incident from occurring again?

Enhance testing procedures when making configuration changes.