Incident Report Number: 2015-029

ualberta Website

Ticket Number: INC0039662
Problem Number: PRB0010136
Major Incident Number: MIR0001083
What happened?

Several servers that host the website experienced an issue.

Who was affected?

Anyone trying to reach was affected by this outage.

What was the impact?

The affected users received an error when trying to access the website.

What was the timeline of the incident?

Start: 2015/12/01 03:30 - Monitoring systems reported several servers that host website became unresponsive.
2015/12/01 04:00 - IT support analysts began working on the issue.
2015/12/01 07:15 - IT support analysts began restarting the affected web servers to restore service.
End: 2015/12/01 08:30 - Service was confirmed restored.

What was the root cause of the incident?

The root cause of this incident was the web servers became unresponsive and stopped handling requests for the web pages.

What was the work around and resolution for the incident?
Work Around

Not Applicable


To resolve this issue, all the affected servers were restarted.

What are any recommendations to prevent this incident from occurring again?

Review system monitoring to proactively identify non responsive systems.