Incident Report Number: 2015-007

LDAP Master

Ticket Number: ​INC0022290
Problem Number: ​PRB0010074
Major Incident Number: ​MIR0001052
What happened?

The LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) service experienced an issue and IT services that make changes to LDAP were affected as a result

Who was affected?

Users attempting to make changes within LDAP were affected.

What was the impact?

The following services were not accessible, and CCID password changes were delayed:

What was the timeline of the incident?

Start: 2015/02/11 04:00 ­ Monitoring tools identified a problem with LDAP.
2015/02/11 04:05 ­ IT support analysts began working on the issue.
2015/02/11 04:45 ­ LDAP services were restored, however updates were delayed until synchronization across the environment completed.
End: 2015/02/11 06:39 ­ All services were confirmed to be restored.

What was the root cause of the incident?

A defect within the OpenBSD OS is the cause of the incident.

What was the work around and resolution for the incident?
Work Around

Not Applicable


Reboot the LDAP master server.

What are any recommendations to prevent this incident from occurring again?
  • Investigate upgrading to a redundant multi­master LDAP architecture.

Not Applicable