Service Outage: , File Storage Services, Computing Science - 2018/07/14 - 17:50

Outage resolution

Start: 2018/07/14 17:00 - IST analyst began investigating an unexpected issue caused while working on a scheduled change. Affected clients may not have been able to use network file storage services during the outage.
2018/07/14 17:50 - IST continued to investigate and resolve the issue.
End: 2018/07/14 19:30 - Issue was resolved. If you are still experiencing difficulty with this IT service, please contact IST at 780-492-9400. 

Outage Duration: 2 hours, 30 minutes

This Outage information is based on the information available to IST at the time this alert was drafted. If you are affected by this Outage and have more information, contact IST at 780-492-9400.
Reference: INC0109920