Service Outage: , IST Service Desk Phones - 2018/06/20 - 10:00

Outage resolution

Start: 2018/06/20 10:00 - The IST Service Desk phones were unavailable due to a hardware issue. Clients calling into the IST Service Desk during the outage were experiencing a delay in having their phone call answered. IST began investigating.
End: 2018/06/20 10:45 - Restarting the networking devices that support the phones resolved the issue. If you are still experiencing difficulty with this IT service, please contact IST at 780-492-9400. 

Outage Duration: 45 minutes

This Outage information was based on the information available to IST at the time this alert was drafted. If you were affected by this Outage and have more information, contact IST at 780-492-9400.
Reference: INC0108550