Service Degradation: , uLearn (BLackboard) Login - 2018/02/04 - 18:00

Degradation resolution

Start: 2018/02/03 15:30 - IST monitoring systems detected the coming expiry of uLearn SSL site certificate.
2018/02/04 15:30 - uLearn SSL site certificate expired, causing the login page to show a Privacy Error message that advises users that the site may be unsafe.
2018/02/04 17:20 - IST support teams continued to work on the issue.
End: 2018/01/28 21:30 - IST renewed the ssl certificate

Outage Duration: 6 hours

This Degradation information is based on the information available to IST at the time this alert was drafted. If you are affected by this Degradation and have more information, contact IST at 780-492-9400.
Reference: INC0099841