Service Change: , POSTPONED: Switch Network Upgrade, (CSC, ATH, CAB 3-11) - 2017/09/07 - 12:52

Change change

PLEASE NOTE:  The change to upgrade switches that provide network connectivity in the Computing Science Centre (CSC), Athabasca Hall (ATH) and CAB 3-11  has been postponed 

This work will NOT be starting on Monday, Sept 11 at 20.00. The new schedule will be communicated out once confirmed. 


Previous Communication that has now been postponed:

Switches that provide network connectivity will be upgraded in Computing Science Centre (CSC), Athabasca Hall (ATH) and CAB 3-11. Affected users may experience a temporary partial building outage where they will be unable to connect to network resources. The service outage is expected to last for several hours. 

The service outage will happen each week day (Monday - Friday) of the change window from 20:00 to 07:00 the next day.

Change window:
Start: 2017/09/11  20:00 

End: 2017/09/23 07:00