IT Pulse

We are the Information Technology Service Management Team (ITSM). Armed with a monitoring system that can execute thousands of tests and correlate data to provide reports on the various systems evaluated, we can perform routine check-ups and appropriately diagnose potentially problematic systems.

Furthermore, we can share this diagnosis with you before more serious issues arise. We have created a process that will introduce a standard message structure and various channels through which we will share with you—so you can receive the information promptly and efficiently. You may be alerted of:

Changes (Resulting from routine check-up or emergency situations) Incidents (The side-effects of arising issues) Service Improvements (Booster shots to the system)

There are a number of ways that you can listen in on the ITPulse. Subscribe to our mailing list; make sure to subscribe using your CCID (i.e., your email address [ccid] You can also subscribe to our Twitter feed!

How else can ITSM help you? For more detailed information about the team and its functions, please contact us by phone at 780-492-9995, or email via