Introducing Google Takeout


What is Google Takeout?

Google Takeout is a self-serve tool to help users export and download a copy of data from UAlberta G Suite apps like Gmail, Calendar, and more. In a few easy steps, Google Takeout can create an archive directly into Google Drive to keep for your records or transfer to another account.

Google Takeout does not delete data from your UAlberta G Suite account. Depending on the amount of information in an account, the export or transfer process could take a few minutes or several hours.

IMPORTANT: As a member of the UAlberta community, you have been entrusted with the sensitive information of the University and its people, and you have a responsibility to protect that information. When creating archives or exporting data with any tool, you must follow the University’s policies and standards, to ensure that you’ve done everything in your power to safeguard the University’s reputation and community.

Which UAlberta G Suite applications are supported?

The following core UAlberta G Suite applications are available in Google Takeout:

  • Gmail
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Drive (Docs, Sheets, Slides)
  • Hangouts
  • Classic Sites
  • Tasks
  • Keep

Google Takeout does not support all UAlberta G Suite applications, however others are available. For a list of supported applications for your account, visit the Google Takeout website.

Are there any limitations?

Google Takeout-supported UAlberta G Suite applications can only export data in the file format specified unless otherwise noted. Creating a Google Takeout archive for Gmail is limited to three attempts a day, and up to seven total per week.

The copy and transfer to another G Suite or Google account capability is limited to the following applications:

  • Email in Gmail (not contacts, chats, or tasks)
  • Documents that you own in Google Drive (except files in the "Google Photos" section of Drive)
  • Documents in My Drive

How do I get started?

The following Google sites will help you get started. For additional support contact IST.

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