How Do You Google? Featuring Kevin Moffitt

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Kevin Moffitt is the Director of Academic Ancillary Services for Learning Services. He oversees the Technology Training Centre, Campus Design and Print Solutions, and the University Bookstore.

Take a few minutes to see how G Suite shapes his life.

Q: What does an average work day look like for you?

A: Everything from teaching to meeting with clients to meeting with vendors to working with my staff. A lot of strategic planning, relationship building, and outreach. Creating new directions and new programs.

Q: What is your Google moment?

A: When I started teaching some of the Introduction to Google classes and began demonstrating how easy it was for people to share their free and busy time in Google Calendar. Everyone in class had that “aha” moment where they realized, “this is going to make my life easier.”

Q: What is your favourite feature in Google?

A: The calendar. I live by my calendar, especially running three very diverse units, my days get packed. Calendar runs my life.

Q: How has using Google changed the way you work?

A: The two biggest things are consolidation and collaboration. With G Suite, I have one suite to manage not just my email and my calendar, but all my documents.  It’s all centralized in one place, and it works across all my platforms. Then I can collaborate with coworkers and clients on projects. Even if someone is away, we can work on the same document at the same time.

Q: When you first started using Google, what surprised you over other applications?

A: The collaboration tools, the speed, and the accessibility. The flexibility G Suite gives me can’t be beat.

Q: If someone were to start using G Suite for the first time, what tips would you give them?

A: Take a look at it and think about what you need G Suite to do. So many times people change their work processes to meet the tools that they’re using, and the nicest thing I found with G Suite is I can modify the tools I’m using to meet my work processes.

Q: If you were a Google app, which one would you be and why?

A: I would be the Google search. I get questions about all sorts of things, everything from G Suite to Microsoft products to “what’s my best way of doing this?” So I feel sometimes that I’m used as a search engine. A lot of times people could look this up in Google, but instead they think, “Let’s call Kevin and see what he thinks about this.”

Q: What is one final thing you want people to know about G Suite?

A: There’s so much more to it than email and calendar. Even in those tools, there are features that will make your life easier. I love those “aha” moments, where we show someone how to do something and it has a huge impact on everything they do going forward. It doesn’t have to be a struggle.


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Posted by Sheena Moore