Put to the Test

Mike Desrochers has had his eye on the University of Alberta for quite some time. “I’ve always wanted to live and work in Edmonton, and the University is a really reputable institution,” he says. “It’s a place where I felt I would have a lot to learn and a lot to contribute to.”

Since starting as an Operator/Analyst for IST’s Test Scoring and Questionnaire Services team, Mike’s focus has been split between two tasks: operations and improvement. Operations includes day-to-day tasks like test scoring and data collection; improvement involves analyzing those services and the programs that run them and finding ways to make them better.

“There’s a lot of detail in this job,” Mike explains. “There are a lot of different options our programs can run, and a lot of different ways instructors can customize their tests, so accuracy is very important.”

While Mike has always been interested in both arts and technology, he chose a technical career path in high school that eventually led him to earn a BSc in Computer Engineering Technology from the DeVry Institute of Technology in Calgary. He held positions with both GuestTek and JORI International before accepting his current role with the University of Alberta.

“I’ve found the university environment to be very welcoming, very cooperative, and very encouraging so far,” he claims. “It’s been a great place to learn and progress.”


Posted by Sheena Moore