The bids are in and negotiations are over: the University of Alberta officially has a new Internet service provider.

When long-standing contracts for Internet service expired last year, the University had two goals: reduce ongoing expenditures and increase the level of Internet service. Despite these targets being seemingly contradictory, IST successfully hit them both, and Hurricane Electric is the new Internet service provider at the University of Alberta.

While practically unheard of in the world of home Internet, Hurricane Electric is a veritable powerhouse in wholesale Internet. They carry a significant portion of Google’s across-the-world traffic, and since Hurricane Electric opened a point of presence in downtown Edmonton, NAIT, MacEwan University and the University of Saskatchewan have all connected to it.

“Securing a new Internet service provider allows us to operate more efficiently,” says Raymond Richmond, IST Core Network Team Lead. “As more online services are consumed on campus, we can access them faster while also keeping down costs.”

Through Hurricane Electric, the University’s Internet capacity goes up to 10 gigabits per second compared to only 4 gigabits per second on our previous service. This increased speed will be vital to University faculty, staff and students forging connections and sharing knowledge with institutions around the globe.

IST was able to connect the University to Hurricane Electric thanks to existing partnerships with Cybera, Alberta’s non-profit IT agency, and the City of Edmonton. With a new Internet contract in place and connectivity more than twice the speed as before, IST is poised to offer the University community more comprehensive services than ever before.

According to Richmond, “This comes down to better operations. We can now give more for less, so we’re reducing costs and maintaining stable services that are trusted by all our client base.”


Posted by Sheena Moore