The Walls are Greener in IST

Prior to joining IST’s Communications team, Sheena Moore was attracted to the green translucent walls of IST’s Service Desk, which she would pass daily on her way to get coffee from the Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering. Now that she works for IST, Sheena appreciates her new department—where “everyone works together”—even more than its green walls.

Sheena’s transition from being a Technical Writer for Engineering to being a Communications Writer for IST has been a harmonious one. Although her assignments are more corporate now than technical, her passion for researching and writing continues, and she has a tendency to get excited about any topic she dives into.

“When I worked for Engineering, I wrote about horizontal directional drilling and micro-trenching, and I ended up getting really passionate about that… which is something my younger self never expected,” Sheena says. “Now that I work for IST, I’m passionate about IPv6 and Google Drive and encryption.”

Although the IPv6 article is her favourite to date, Sheena writes and edits many articles and communications, as well as provides content and feedback for IST’s online newsletter. Her wide range of writing experiences have crafted her into the valued writer she is today on IST’s Communications team.

Writing has been Sheena’s passion since she was a child. According to Sheena, “I started writing when I was six years old. I realized that I was good at it, so I just kept writing. By the time I graduated, I didn’t even consider any other field else because I was already doing what I loved.”

Posted by Linda Harrison