The Automator

As a Developer with the Application Development team, Jason Lorenz has three requirements of himself and his teammates: “People need to generally try. Ask for help when they need it. And offer help when they can.” It’s a philosophy that has guided him throughout his 2.5 years with IST.  

Jason and his fellow 16 developers, led by Manager Joey Tolentino, “are pretty much the automators.” They take on an average of 100 projects a year that make people’s lives easier by automating their day-to-day tasks. “I’m a firm believer that if you give people the time to make improvements, they’re going to find other things to improve,” says Jason. “We’re freeing them up to tackle new initiatives at the University.”

Writing and developing software is a natural fit for Jason, who has always felt “like computers are in [his] blood.” But Jason measures success through a big-picture lens, not a personal one. “Generally, I consider it a success if we’ve made things better,” Jason states. “It’s a very difficult metric to define. But even if we’ve helped just one person, or helped a small research project, we’re making an impact on the world as a whole.”

Posted by Sheena Moore