Higher Education

Karleen Hoggins appreciates working in educational environments. After completing a Computer Systems Technology diploma at NAIT and obtaining technology support experience in the private sector through NAIT’s Cooperative Program, Karleen provided tech support and worked on tech projects at MacEwan University for the next five years. In an effort to “learn a lot more and grow as a professional,” Karleen joined the University and IST last summer.

In the six months since joining IST as a junior systems analyst, Karleen has been working on projects such as the installation of Jupiter, an online notebook for the Physics department “that students can access from anywhere.” She is also working on setting up a website for Alberta Abroad.

When Karleen was looking to broaden her work horizons, she thought working at the University would be “prestigious,” which of course it is. More than that, however, she has found that the University is a great place to learn and where so much is going on that it is also “a pretty cool working environment.”

Posted by Linda Harrison