University staff currently on a corporate TELUS Pay-Per-Use plan can now save up to 90–95% on international cell phone calls made from Canada thanks to the TELUS International Long Distance Saver, which has been added to the University’s agreement with TELUS Mobility Pay-Per-Use.

This feature will benefit any corporate TELUS user who calls from Canada to international destinations. However, those users who do not place international phone calls do not need to add this feature to their existing plans.  

By analyzing international phone calls made with corporate TELUS Pay-Per-Use plans in 2016, IST identified users who made international long-distance calls from Canada more than once and in excess of $24.00. These users will now automatically receive the TELUS International Long Distance Saver for an additional $2.00 on top of their monthly corporate TELUS Pay-Per-Use plans.

If you are a corporate TELUS Pay-Per-Use subscriber who was not identified, and would like to add the International Long Distance Saver to your plan, please contact your departmental telecom contact.

The TELUS International Long Distance Saver:

  • costs $2.00 per month, regardless of use;
  • covers all international zones for international cellular phone calls made from Canada;
  • charges the lowest international long-distance rates listed for all countries;
  • does not replace roaming packages. You will still require a travel package for international destinations.

To learn more about the TELUS International Long Distance Saver:

  • go to this link;
  • select the country you are calling (example: Austria);
  • select Look up;
  • two price plans will be displayed:
    • the lower price is the “per minute with Long Distance Saver” (example: $0.10);
    • the higher price is what it would cost without this feature (example: $1.50).

Note: this feature/service is only available for TELUS Corporate Pay-Per-Use subscribers. This feature is not provided with the Bell Mobility Pay-Per-Use agreement.

Posted by Sheena Moore