Phishing Email Warning: Apple Store Refund

Be aware of a current phishing scam using a well-crafted and legitimate appearing email impersonating the Apple Store.  The email informs the recipient of a supposed purchase made through the Apple Store and offers the ability to cancel or refund the purchase. A link in the email directs to a legitimate appearing web page that impersonates the Apple Store where the scammers collect full address information and credit card data.
Examples are provided below.

Apple Refund Fraud Email

Apple Refund Fraud Webpage


Always be careful about emails and attachments you did not ask for or are not expecting. Do not click on links or open attachments unless you are absolutely sure of their legitimacy.
No legitimate organization will request password information by email. Be aware and be careful when releasing your personal information to email solicitations even if they seem credible.  Banks, lending institutions, Insurance Companies, Health Care Services, Credit Card Companies, Municipal, Provincial and Federal Governments will never ask for personal information via email. If in doubt, make personal phone calls to the various organizations/institutions to clarify.

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