USRIs Open November 30 - December 7

Complete your Course Ratings Now!

Universal Student Ratings of Instruction, better known as USRIs, are now open!

USRI’s were created to gather student feedback on courses using the General Faculties Council (GFC) set of mandated questions. These ratings gather feedback from courses to help instructors, departments and faculties improve curriculum and instruction. The results also serve as an important factor in decisions affecting the career of your instructor.

Ratings are available for completion beginning Friday, November 30  and run until Friday, December 7 for most courses.

When the rating period opens on November 30, students will receive an email with a list of their courses and a link to complete the rating(s).

We encourage you to complete the rating(s) as your feedback is valuable and will help to improve curriculum and instruction for future students. Ratings are completely anonymous,  easy to complete and take less than ten minutes.

For additional information, view the FAQ.

You can also see USRI course rating results from previous years.

To learn more about the USRI rating system, please refer to Section 111 of the GFC Policy.

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