Upgrading to OS X El Capitan?

On September 30, 2015, Apple released the OS X v10.11 El Capitan operating system.

Information Services and Technology (IST) has been evaluating pre-release versions of OS X El Capitan in order to test compatibility with university systems and applications. If you intend to upgrade to OS X El Capitan, we recommend installing the following compatibility updates, where appropriate, to ensure optimal performance:

  • If you use SMART Notebook software, please contact SMART Technologies for an update that supports OS X El Capitan.

  • If you are running Microsoft Office 2011, please install the 14.5.6 update for OS X El Capitan compatibility.

  • If you are running Microsoft Office 2016, please install the 15.16 update as well as the OS X El Capitan v10.11.1 update. These updates are available to download through the Microsoft AutoUpdate and Apple Software Update tools respectively. Please note that the current version of the nVision DrillDown plug-in for Peoplesoft Financials is not yet compatible with Office 2016.

  • VMware Fusion should be updated to version 8.0. You can purchase a license for version 8 through OnTheHub.

  • RoaringApps has published an application compatibility table for OS X El Capitan. If you have concerns about a specific application, please visit RoaringApps.

OS X El Capitan is integrated with Apple iCloud. The University of Alberta has no administrative custody or control over this space and therefore iCloud should not be used for any University records or information. To maintain the University's information management, privacy, and security compliance, continue using UAlberta Google Apps or University-based network storage for all University-related information and documents.

For assistance upgrading to OS X El Capitan, we recommend contacting your local IT department or IST at ist@ualberta.ca or 780-492-9400. If you are planning to install the upgrade yourself, we recommend following Apple’s guidance on upgrading OS X.

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