Upcoming Changes to the University's Telephone System

Upcoming Changes to the University’s Telephone System
March 28, 2019

There are upcoming changes to the University's telephone system. Learn more about it here. 

The connection for the University telephone system to the public switched network is changing. 

The service is currently provided through TELUS’s Primary Rate Interface to the University’s digital Private Branch Exchange telephone system. Beginning April 3, this connection will be changing to Bell’s Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking to the University’s Cisco Voice Over IP environment.

The changes will be rolled out over a period of four months, concluding at the end of August, and will pose little to no impact. All existing campus telephone numbers (780-492-xxxx, 780-248-xxxx, 780-465-xxxx, and 780-485-xxxx) will be migrated from TELUS to Bell and will not change for the University’s end users.

Dialing instructions for making calls will remain the same, but as a reminder here are some tips for using campus telephones:

  • Outbound Calls - Dial '9' + the 10 digital phone number
  • Outbound Long Distance Calls - Dial '9', followed by '1' + the 10 digit phone number
  • Outbound Calls to Other U of A Campuses - Remains 5 digital dialing

Refer to the detailed dialing instructions article for additional instructions. For more information on when changes will be occurring to telephones in your area, see the schedule.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the IST Help Desk.