See How Business Transformation Works for You

IST provides an array of services across the U of A: application development, server hosting, networking. But did you know IST also offers business solutions? We don’t just specialize in IT - we specialize in business analysis, project management, and organizational change management. These three teams form the pillars of Business Transformation, and together, Business Transformation creates solutions that target business goals, navigate change, implement new systems, and incorporate business solutions.


Why should I use Business Transformation?  

Navigating change can be a complex task. Even the best-laid plans can easily go over budget, expand in scope, mismanage resources, and run over schedule.

Rather than returning to your project’s sponsor again and again when these issues crop up, work with Business Transformation from the start. Business Transformation helps mitigate these risks by properly preparing your organization for change and effectively guiding you through your project’s course.


When should I engage with Business Transformation?

Contact Business Transformation before you begin a project or embark on any type of organizational change. Business Transformation comes to the table before the solutioning and projects begin to design a plan for you to successfully enact change. Then, Business Transformation works with you throughout the project to target business goals, support your organization’s people, and ensure you achieve maximum benefits.


How do I contact Business Transformation?

For more information or to engage with the Business Transformation team, visit

Posted by Sheena Moore