A Natural Fit

Shun Yuen has had a longstanding relationship with the University of Alberta: first as a Computer Science major, then as an Education student, then as a Digital Media Coordinator with the Students’ Union, and now finally as an Application Analyst with IST. But working at a university is a natural fit, because according to Shun, “I really enjoy empowering other people to learn and discover new things. That’s what makes me happy.”

As a member of IST’s Application Hosting team, Shun helps support and maintain the applications used across campus. Since joining the department in November, some of the tasks Shun has tackled include updating Drupal to a new version, working on a series of geopositioning applications, and monitoring IST’s ticketing service. “I like learning as much as I can,” says Shun. “The original reason I wanted to apply here is because I used to work on developing applications, and I wanted to learn more about the server side.”

Working with computers is by no means a new pursuit for Shun, but it wasn’t until high school that he began to take it as a serious career path. “I was in high school when I learned my first programming language, Visual Basic, and I had a lot of fun with that,” Shun explains. “That was all it took for me… since then, I’ve been amazed with the whole computing world.”  


Posted by Sheena Moore