Moving in the Right Direction

Dean Relland claims he got into IT by accident. But with a career spanning IBM, Alberta Human Services and Children Services, the Ministry of Health, and the Worker’s Compensation Board, his accomplishments are anything but accidental. Now joining IST as a Systems Administrator, Dean is using his expertise to push the university forward. 

Dean first joined IST two years ago on a fourteen-month contract, and in January, he began his second contract role. His main focus has been on the domain rationalization project, an initiative to bring non-centralized domains into the centralized domain. So far, Dean’s responsibilities have included data gathering, estimating the scope of work to be done, and talking to the support teams. 

“IST is a very supportive group,” Dean says. “As we relate to other teams, it’s cohesive. You know you’re going to get the answers you’re looking for right away.” 

In a project this size, Dean feels that the most important part of his job is to be precise and efficient. Fortunately, sixteen years in enterprise-level environments and a lifelong interest in computers and technology have given him the tools he needs for that. 

“I’ve been working on enterprise-wide projects similar to this one since 2002,” he recounts, “and I can recognize the potential for growth with IST. It’s nice to see the university moving in a direction that’s going to benefit everybody.”

Posted by Sheena Moore