Meet Eve, IST’s New Chat Robot

IST has added a new team member to serve you better: meet Eve, IST’s new chat robot. 

Eve is a robot engine designed to answer IT-related requests over live chat. Now, IST’s live chat will be available 24/7 instead of just during defined hours, meaning you can get IT help around the clock. You’ll also have a shorter wait and a lightning-quick response time, so you can get the answers you need as soon as you need them. 

Some of the common questions and issues Eve can answer include: 

  • How do I connect to WiFi? 
  • How do I set up email on my phone? 
  • How do I buy software? 

Since Eve is still new to IST, it is currently limited in scope, but it will grow over time. As additional context and information is added, Eve will continue to learn and expand its knowledge base, serving you better every day. 

If you encounter any issues with Eve or wish to give feedback, please contact IST at

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