To improve efficiency and effectiveness, IST is upgrading IST centrally deployed classrooms and computer labs this summer. Updates will result in faster boot times for users, provide access to current technologies (Windows 10, Office 2016), and provide increased security.

View the schedule to see which labs and classrooms we're working on: Labs & Classrooms Schedule. Note: Schedule is tentative and subject to change.

What Changes Can I Expect?

Alongside the upgrades to labs and classrooms, the following changes can be expected:


There will be a new login process for authenticating to computers. Users will now be prompted to authenticate immediately upon using the computer. Once you have completed your session, remember to sign off the computer. Once signed out of your session, any documents or information that was stored the desktop will be purged and unable to be restored. Ensure that you copy all your material to an external USB storage device or to Google Drive.

Use of DVD and USB peripherals

DVD playback

As a result of the upgrade, the operating system will no longer recognize DVD movie discs and you will no longer have the ability to play them from the physical PC. You will still be able to play DVDs however, to ensure smooth playback, users can play DVDs from:

  • An external DVD player
  • A laptop that has the ability to play DVDs and can then plugged into the podium
An external DVD player can be booked through IST by submitting a ticket to IST classroom support will then be in contact with you. If you are an instructor or department that frequently uses DVDs, IST will be able to accommodate classrooms that are frequently used with DVD players for the duration of the term. Please contact Tashie Macapagal ( and we can work with you and your department to find a solution.

USB keys

  • Use of a USB key for small file i.e.: (PowerPoint, Excel, or Word documents) access will not be affected. However, users wanting to access large files such as video clips or large data sets through their USB key will experience extremely poor playback performance and is not advised.

    To ensure smooth playback it is recommended that users:

    • Copy large data files to cloud based storage services such as Google Drive

      • Learn more about G Suite apps available at the University of Alberta here.

    • Copy large data files to the desktop

      • Note: if changes are made users will have to copy the information back to the USB key

    • Play videos off the internet on mediums such as YouTube or Vimeo

Upgrading Windows 7 to 10

  • Computers will upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 if the computer hasn’t been already upgraded.

Respondus Lockdown Browser

  • Respondus Lockdown Browser will be removed from converted labs. An alternative solution to replace Respondus Lockdown Browser is currently under investigation.


Instructors will be given the opportunity to test these changes in 2-17 GSB. We encourage instructors to bring your own media (USB keys, DVDs, and laptops) to test these changes and to become familiar with the new environment. This lab will be open from 10:00am to 3:00pm, feedback and questions can be directed to the IST Service Desk in 2-10 GSB or to Tashie Macapagal (


If you would like additional training and/or guidance on the use of the classroom and lab technology you can contact

Standard Software List

Below is a list of standard software that will be installed on all classroom and lab computers.

  • Microsoft Office 2016 with Microsoft Excel Solver

  • IBM SPSS v25

  • Internet Explorer / Google Chrome / Firefox

  • R for Windows and R-Studio

  • ProQuest (Write and Cite)

  • New: Google File Stream - for accessing files from Google Drive directly

  • Adobe Connect (classrooms only)

  • Skype (classrooms only)

Additional software not on the list above that was previously installed in a lab or classroom, will remain.

Upgrade Schedule

Updates to classrooms and selected labs are scheduled for August 18-31, 2018. For a more detailed schedule please click here (schedule is tentative and subject to change).

Note: Classrooms will still be accessible for use during their scheduled upgrade day. If you require the use of the classroom space, we recommend bringing in a laptop as computers will not be functional during the upgrade.

Labs however, will be closed during the upgrade.


How Can I Get Help?

Stay up-to-date on which labs and classrooms have been updated. View the upgrade schedule here: Labs & Classrooms ScheduleNote: Schedule is tentative and subject to change. If you have questions about lab and classroom upgrades, please contact Tashie Macapagal, Project Coordinator at or 780-248-1048.


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