It's a Family Thing

Conversations around the dinner table at Kyle Hostyn’s house involved more than just the weather and local sports teams. “HR is in my family,” says Kyle. “My dad was the head of a union, so we talked a lot about employee grievances and how he dealt with the company.”

That environment shaped Kyle, and although he originally pursued a degree in education, it didn’t take him long to realize where he belonged. “HR feels second-nature to me,” Kyle claims. “I’m very comfortable with the work because I grew up around it.”

As an HR Assistant with IST, Kyle has spent the last six months assisting various teams with recruitment initiatives and working with IST employees to answer any questions they have about their employment. According to Kyle, “Customer service is the most important part of my job. We try to be as inviting as possible so IST will utilize our services, because that’s what we are in HR. We’re service provider.”

For Kyle, working at the U of A has been a goal for a number of years. Once he landed the job, he says, “Working here was overwhelming at first, because the U of A is so big you feel like you’re in a city within a city. But IST is a natural place for me to be. I’m a video games and tech guy outside of work, so I get along easily with the people here.”

Posted by Sheena Moore