IT Awards 2016

Every year, the Office of the Vice Provost and Associate Vice President (Information Services & Technology) proudly sponsor five awards to reward and celebrate the effort staff and faculty members put into innovating the campus experience through the use of technology. We are pleased to highlight the winners of this year’s IT Awards whose efforts were recognized at the annual IT Awards ceremony this past Thursday.

Dr. Sandra Davidson, of the Faculty of Nursing, was awarded the IT Ambassador Award for demonstrating outstanding technology leadership to her unit and her fruitful contributions to the campus community. Dr. Davidson was nominated on behalf of Anita E. Molzahn, Dean and Professor of Nursing, who wrote “Not only is Dr. Davidson's skill set remarkable, but her ability to share her knowledge and engage with faculty members, students, internal and external to the FoN, in research and use of gaming in teaching is outstanding”.

Tim Young, an IT Support Analyst in the Faculty of Law, was awarded the IT Client Service Award for demonstrating very high quality service to a faculty, unit or department. Tim was nominated on behalf of Paul D. Paton, Dean of the Faculty of Law, who wrote: “The Faculty of Law is extremely lucky to have someone with Tim’s dedication, warmth, and approach to client service… Tim’s effort and skills, calming demeanor, and relentless optimism are model of professionalism our students both appreciate and do well to emulate”.

Dr. Sandra Davidson winner of IT Ambassador Award

Tim Young, winner of IT Client Service Award

The DMP Assistant team, comprised of members from both Libraries and IST: WeiWei Shi, Chuck Humphrey, Umar Qasim, Neil MAcGregor, Tai-CHun Lee, James Doiron, Tyler Antonio and James Woodward, were awarded the IT Excellence Award. This award was to recognize their innovative way of solving Data Management issues with technology. This team was nominated by Sandra Shores, Senior IT & Facilities Officer with Learning Services who wrote: “DMP Assistant is highly deserving of the Information Technology Excellence Award. It brought together a talented team of IT professionals from two administrative units [libraries and Information Services and Technology] to solve an emerging problem for faculty and other researchers at the University of Alberta”.

DMP Assistant team winners of IT Excellence Award

John Bartoszewski, a Senior Security/System Administrator in IST, was awarded the IT Unsung Hero Award for significant and largely unrecognized contributions to the quality of the IT environment offered by a unit and/or to the campus. John was nominated on behalf of Dr. Mario Nascimento, Professor and Chair of the Computing Science Department, who wrote: “His skills have added great value to the University of Alberta but, still, he has worked in the background delivering his skills with no fanfare. It is clear to me that John is an unsung hero period”.

Rod Johnson, a member of Solutions & Standards in IST, was awarded the Distinguished Career Award for his outstanding contributions to advancing the University's IT agenda. Rod received three outstanding nominations by Dr. Jonathan Schaeffer, Dean of Science; Dr. Mario Nascimento, Chair of Computing Science and Simon Collier Management of Solutions and Standards form IST. One of his nominators, Simon Collier wrote: “Rod’s enthusiasm for technology, passion for student success, compassion for colleagues and highly analytical nature has allowed him to move the University of Alberta forward in teaching, research and administration while always - always - caring about the people around him”.

John Bartoszewski winner of IT Unsung Hero Award

Rod Johnson, winner of the Distinguished Career Award

Congratulations to all the award winners of the University of Alberta’s 2016 IT Awards and a big thank you to all the nominators for putting the effort into writing the nominations. A special thanks to the efforts of our IST staff for their contributions to campus and their wins in this year's IT Awards!

We encourage you to also participate in next year’s awards and send in your nominations.

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