ePoll Replaces iClicker as Student Response Tool

ePoll Replaces iClicker as Student Response Tool
July 12, 2019

IST has introduced a new tool to make classroom engagement easier for both students and instructors. Learn more about ePoll.

Information Services and Technology (IST) has introduced a new tool to make classroom engagement easier for both students and instructors. Going forward, iClickers will be replaced with ePoll, an online student response system.

What’s changed

iClickers have traditionally been used in UAlberta classrooms as tools for students to participate in surveys, quizzes, and polls. But as of summer 2019, iClicker base stations will be decommissioned and removed from designated classrooms, and ePoll will be in full production. 

What to expect

The shift to ePoll was designed to be a simple transition. ePoll has the same functionality as iClicker, along with some improvements.

First off, because ePoll is a web- and WiFi-based system, it can be used on any mobile device connected to the internet. That means students no longer have to carry an extra device with them: they can connect to ePoll right from their phones or laptops. 

For instructors, ePoll offers more variety in the types of questions that can be asked and allows questions to be built out in advance. Additionally, instructors can run ePoll on their computer from the ePoll web interface, or they can operate it directly from their cell phone. All that’s needed to access ePoll is the URL.

ePoll also has a direct integration into eClass: instructors can grade student responses to polls and push those scores directly into their eClass gradebook.

ePoll comes at no cost to students or instructors. No longer will students have to purchase an iClicker device; they can access ePoll for free online. 

Why this has changed

IST is committed to providing tools and technologies that support teaching, learning, and research at UAlberta. While iClicker was an effective solution for its time, it was not customized or available in all classrooms. ePoll was created by UAlberta, for UAlberta, based on input from users across the university. It’s a unique solution designed specifically for our university community and it will continue to evolve.

Contact us

If you have any issues with ePoll, please contact the eClass team directly at eclass@ualberta.ca or call 780-492-9372.