Binary Interests

Renee Varghese has two passions in life: medicine and computers. “Medicine was my first love,” says Renee. “I love everything biology… but computers intrigue me.” As a Service Desk Analyst with IST, Renee is equipped with the tools she needs to explore her interest in computers and everything technology.

Since joining the department in November under Team Lead Amy Ferguson, Renee has found IST to be friendly, helpful, and vast. “There are so many different departments,” Renee comments. “It’s like a big spider web, and IST is right in the middle of it.” Most of her day is spent helping IST’s clients troubleshoot issues with email, networks, software, and passwords, but she says “No two calls are ever the same.”

Although Renee started her education by obtaining a degree in medical microbiology, she was always fascinated by technology. “At first I wanted to be a doctor,” says Renee. “I was also thinking about going into genetic engineering. But when I graduated with my first degree, software engineering was the in thing to do, so I jumped ship. And I don’t regret it for a second.”

Posted by Sheena Moore