Stay in Touch with Google’s New Contacts!

The fresh new look to Google Contacts is now the default experience! As of February 12, you will no longer be able to opt out.

The new Contacts provides a quick, modern, and smart contact management experience. It has an organized, clean design that is both visually appealing and user friendly.

How do I get started?

  • Go to, or click the Contacts icon in the G Suite app launcher.
  • A pop-up window inside Contacts will appear that says “Contacts has a clean new look.” Select the “Got it” button to start using the new Contacts.
  • To manually opt in, click “Try the new Contacts” at the bottom of the left menu.

Here are some of the features you can explore in the new Contacts:

Updated user interface: New Contacts has been updated to Google’s new material visual design (similar to the new Gmail and Calendar). This makes it easier to navigate and manage your contacts. All actions are available in the main menu on the left side, rather than multiple drop-down menus. This includes actions such as merge duplicates, undo changes, import, and export.

Contact Groups are now Labels: Contact Groups have been renamed to Labels. Labels are now displayed in their own Label section in the left menu rather than being nested under My Contacts. Previous Contact Groups will be displayed under the Labels section. Learn how.

Dedicated contact delegation: This useful feature allows you to grant your admin or colleague the ability to view and edit all of your contacts’ information. However, your delegate will not be able to create labels (known as Groups in the old Contacts). Learn how.

Undo changes: Accidentally delete a contact you wanted to keep? Just click the Undo Changes button to restore the deleted contact or undo an edit. Undo changes allows you to restore any changes to contacts up to 30 days. Learn how.

Change column order: You can choose the columns to show or change the order in the Contacts window. Small screens may not display all columns.

View directory: Contacts comes with a Directory feature that lists all UAlberta email addresses. Search through it to find someone’s correct email address or add them to your contacts or draft messages directly from Contacts.   

Keep an eye on IST’s Google news for future updates regarding the new Contacts at UAlberta! Additional information can also be found at the G Suite Learning Center and Help Center.

Posted by Sheena Moore