Window of Opportunity

Rohid Alami-Ayas uses one word to describe working with IST: opportunity. Since starting here in June, Rohid has come upon countless opportunities to learn, grow, and take on new challenges. “This position has been a little more challenging than my previous positions,” he admits, “but I like the opportunity to learn. My first week here, I learned a lot.”

As a Client Support Analyst under Team Lead Eric Cheung, Rohid ensures that IST’s clients in the School of Business have their IT needs taken care of. His job entails a lot of troubleshooting, deploying new machines, and working face-to-face with clients, and so far, he’s found his team to be friendly and collaborative.

“We’re a really close-knit group,” Rohid says. “If I have a problem, we can gather as a team to talk about it and figure out how to solve it… nothing has stumped us yet.”

Previously, Rohid was a Desktop Analyst with the Katz Group, where he worked on Daryl Katz’s IT support team for two years. That job had some cool perks — including free hockey games and hanging out with the Oilers — but he says with IST, he’s learning more as he goes along.

“It can be challenging at times,” Rohid claims. “If my client is using a piece of software I’ve never seen, it can be hard to troubleshoot. But that’s an opportunity to learn something new. And that’s when I ask my team for help.”

Posted by Sheena Moore