Virtually Important

Rami Elyas is a System Administrator 3 in System Administration 2 (Infrastructure). If that is a little confusing, imagine how it is for the team which manages all the storage systems of the virtual machines IST is responsible for: if storage goes down, everything goes down. Otherwise, he must keep all systems running and up to speed so that incidents don't occur, and, if they do, he has to respond to incidents quickly and efficiently.

The most important part of Rami's job involves looking at what the department wants to do in the future, specifically, how we get there, and what we need to do to make sure we are ready. Rami most enjoys proactively researching what the future has in store.

Working in IST, Rami says, "it is a collaborative environment with everyone working towards one goal. It is rare to see a group that works and operates this way."

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