An Unexpected Path

Although Coleman Rooksby had always been interested in computers, he chose to pursue a degree in history rather than follow the lead of his many friends who went into IT. Coleman began his studies at the University of Alberta in 2003, and eventually joined the military as an infantry officer. During his time with the Canadian Forces, Coleman continued his studies and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History in 2009.

Computers and IT, however, remained “a constant” in Coleman’s life, and that interest brought him to Information Services and Technology (IST) last August. As one of the six Computer Operators in IST’s Operations Data Centre, Coleman works days and mostly nights keeping an eye on much of the university’s IT operations. The Data Centre has “ a number of monitoring programs” that keep Coleman and the other operators aware of the temperatures and connectivity of the university’s IT infrastructure and “if something goes wrong, we’re the first people to know about it and we get in contact with the people who can fix it.”

Coleman has only been with IST for six months, but he enjoys being part of its great Data Centre team. When he began his degree in History here at the university, he had not thought that he would be working on campus in such a different field. However, as Coleman has experienced, “life has a way of sending you on paths you never expected.”

Posted by lsigvald