Systems, Applications and Servers


Erin Callaghan has been part of IST’s Application Hosting Team for more than a month now. Her team works to maintain and make sure nothing breaks in the three Operating Systems they deal with: Linux, Windows and Apple Systems (iOS).


Erin is more familiar with Windows because of her previous experience but she has also dabbled in the other ones, “so it’s one of those things where, it’s good to be good at one but it’s also good to know some of everything.” Before joining IST, Erin worked for a home builder where she was “sort of the training and implementation coordinator.” So for her, it was going from having 5 or 6 systems and applications and servers to going to like hundreds!”

The interesting thing about Erin’s career path is that she started school in Mount Royal, Calgary with the intention of studying marketing and “specifically going into e-commerce.” However, she soon started to take classes “that obviously had nothing to do with marketing but were sort of focused on how [she] perceived marketing.” So she eventually took programming classes wanting to better grasp e-commerce and how website are designed and built. And from that point on, everything just clicked!

Alongside with working at IST, Erin is actually a part time student. She is currently wrapping up her bachelor of science with a major in Information Technology through Athabasca. She started this path by taking two years of programming at NAIT and later transferred all her credits to Athabasca. She enjoys the flexibility of her schedule that allows her to both work and study.


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