A Successful Facilitator

When Jim first joined IST he was immediately drawn by the “sense of team” throughout the department and knew “it would be a good fit”. As Associate Director on the Relationship Management team, Jim works on numerous projects with a variety of faculties and business units. The RM team works on behalf of the Faculties, Departments and Service Units across the university to facilitate connections with IST and identify where information technology and IST can help meet their strategic goals. They also assess how administrative systems and procedures can be personalized and shaped for others, he mentions the “beauty of the RM role is we become aware of projects and initiatives and can bring them back to our team” for discussion and brainstorming.

His past work experience from Faculty of Extension and natural interest in teaching and learning bring great benefits and relevant application to his current role in communicating with faculty and business units. As a University of Alberta Alumni from the Faculty of Engineering, Jim has many ties to the University.

Jim describes himself as a conscientious individual – one who is disciplined, thorough, and one who strives to “do excellent work and work with others that have a similar approach”. With the presence of such a strong work ethic Jim is certainly welcome in IST and we are happy to have him as part of the team.

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