The Right Fit

Catherine Marah’s path was almost destined to reach the University of Alberta. Her parents met on campus in the 1980s, so some might say that continuing her professional career here after student life, is carrying on a family legacy. “I loved going to school here,” Catherine exclaims. She is a graduate of the University’s Bachelor of Commerce program with a major in Human Resource Management and a minor in Business Law. 

Since joining IST in September as a Human Resources Advisor, Catherine has been spending her time working on recruitment, which she considers one of the most important facets of the job.  “You have to find the right people, with the right fit, with the right skill set – and that helps grow a business. So finding those people and placing them in the right spots is a huge part of HR.”

Catherine is looking forward to expanding on the scope of her job as she familiarizes herself with the Collective Agreements, advises staff on various issues, runs payroll, and takes on the onboarding process. 

“That’s the thing about HR, you can pretty much do the same thing anywhere you want to, so it just depends on your preference, or what industry you want to work in,” Catherine says. “I like diversifying my experience, so I’m trying different things.” 

But regardless of the industry, and she’s worked in a few, from banking, to manufacturing, and trucking, it’s always been about the people. Catherine says she enjoys interacting with different people and being a resource for anything they may need. 

Presently, Catherine is working towards obtaining her Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) Designation. Currently a candidate, she completed the National Knowledge Exam in 2016, and is gaining the work experience component. Then, she will enter the evaluation stage which she describes as “basically a really long resume of what I’ve done,” that  her supervisors will then review and submit to the governing body for a final analysis before making their decision. 

Catherine says that receiving this designation will be an important milestone in her career as it shows her commitment to continued learning and growing in the profession.  “I’m looking forward to achieving that and having it as a marker for success,” she says.

Posted by tdowning