Rapid Deployment

Raymond Wheeler, one of IST’s Repair and Deployment Technicians, “likes hands-on fixing things, helping people [and] being able to see a problem through from start to finish”, an attitude which enables him to provide excellent classroom and lab support. Although most requests for support can be scheduled for the convenience of the client, emergency requests such as having a classroom automation system “die and we had to quickly swap it in the ten minute period before a class” require an immediate response from Raymond and his co-workers. During slower times, Raymond helps with campus lab renewals, “taking all the old equipment out, installing the new equipment, [and managing] all the cables”. Ultimately, Raymond feels that the most important part of his job “is addressing tickets as soon as possible, and keeping the classrooms running”.

Raymond earned “a couple of diplomas” from NAIT, one in Electrical Engineering Technology and another in Digital Media and IT. After graduation, he worked at MacEwan University providing IT and audio visual support among other duties for four years until he joined the University of Alberta and became an integral member of IST’s Repair and Deployment team.

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