The Problem Solver

Joey Wong joins IST’s Server and Application Hosting team as the newest Data Entry Operator, ready to tackle any and all kinds of problems thrown his way. Since beginning just over a month ago, he’s been trying to learn his way around the department, its systems and procedures.

Currently completing his Computing Science degree at the University of Alberta, Joey chose IST to fulfill his course requirement of a one-year internship. Once finished, he will have just one academic year left until he can officially call himself a U of A graduate. “I honestly didn’t know much about IST before I applied,” Joey says. “One of the reasons I chose the department is because it allowed me to take a course at the University while still working, and I want to finish my degree early.”

As a member of SA1, so far Joey has been working on various reports and other tasks, which gives him a nice variety in his daily work. Joey says his team’s dynamic is a nice balance between both collaborative and independent work, and he enjoys the collaboration as everyone is able to share their solutions to a specific problem.

For his first job, Joey’s says he's happy with his choice. He says IST has given him the opportunity to learn things that he hasn’t been taught during his schooling, such as docket, intrusion detection systems, firewall settings and cluster infrastructure, which he says “makes for very good experience.”

Right now, Joey is working on the Secure Web Servers project, an initiative which was created to prevent the IST website from being compromised. His role is to discover solutions that will report suspicious file changes as well as detect intrusions. For this task, Joey needs to be able to problem solve, an attribute he says is the most important part of his job. “Being able to analyze a problem and figure out a solution is useful,” he says. “Often times when a problem occurs, there is no blueprint or apparent solutions, so we have to look in different places to find that solution.”

Posted by tdowning