Positive Change

Although LeeAnne Klein has not previously worked in a university environment she is finding that working for IST’s PMO team is just as challenging and interesting as the work she has done in the private sector. One of her key responsibilities as IST’s Change Management Practice Lead is “to design and implement a change program to help build IST’s capabilities and capacity for organizational change management”. Unlike ITSM change management which focuses more on “technical changes and change control”, organizational change management focuses on managing the people side of change – including changes to business processes, systems and technology, job roles and organization structures.

Overall, change management helps IST deliver projects and helps University stakeholders realize the benefits of those projects. The example LeeAnne likes to use is that “if you’re implementing a new system and people don’t use it, then you won’t see the results you set out to achieve” but by focusing on driving adoption, utilization and proficiency of the users, then the benefits of the project will be realized quickly.

LeeAnne’s immersion into the world of change management at the University has been swift and demanding and “kind of like drinking from the fire hose right now”. However, she has much experience in fast-paced work environments and she loves “lots of things happening all over the place and lots of change—in a good way” so she is very happy to participate in the development and implementation of IST’s change management practices.

Posted by Linda Harrison