Not Just the New Kid on the Block

Chris Want is no stranger to the University, or IST, but he still considers himself the new guy. Having previously worked at IST for 15 years, Chris took a five year hiatus from the department, but returned last month as a Research Support Analyst with the Research Computing group.

Working under Scott Delinger, Director of Research Computing, Chris has spent his first month preparing workshops on optimizing codes for super computers, and is now beginning to deal with user support.

In his previous days at IST, Chris had the fortunate opportunity of working with his predecessor Masao Fujinaga for 10 years, which greatly prepared him for his current role.

“People still call me ‘the new Masao,” says Chris. “One day they will call Masao ‘the old Chris.’”

During his time away from IST, Chris worked for WestGrid where he was able to learn the infrastructure side of research computing, which he can now apply in his new position at the University.

Chris was pleased to return to IST and see the establishment of a  research computing team with its own director, something he believed was missing for a long time.  

“The most important part of my job will be offering excellent support to our researchers on campus and ensuring that we get some outstanding scientific outcomes from all of these computational resources that we have in Canada,” Chris says.


Posted by tdowning