Loyal & Honest

Raihan Jamil is in the ideal position as a deskside support analyst at IST, in which to show off his skills and acquired knowledge. Since 2005, he has been fulfilling his passion for technology through education and has attained degrees in computer science engineering, engineering management and communication & technology.

Working in IST is unlike anywhere else Raihan finds, “teamwork here compared to my previous job is totally different; it’s interactive”. The environment is one that is, “more professional, more personal, more caring”. Though he finds the day-to-day is often varied and filled with challenges, “[there are] no fixed issues” he uses the strength of the deskside team to resolve requests, “we have some very good colleagues here so whenever there are critical issues, we discuss with them“.

Raihan looks after the Faculty of Pharmacy - where he is the primary contact - and the School of Public Health. When taking care of people around the university, Raihan aims for success in “client satisfaction”. “Most of my clients are professors and are doing research … they call us when they are really in trouble, so when we solve any issues I find they smile and are happy; I like that part most, when I see a client is really satisfied”.

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