Learning Everyday

As an Intermediate Developer at IST, Sepideh Emam feels comfortable collaborating and working alongside fellow team members. “I really like my team,” Sepideh says of the Application Development team, led by Team Lead, John Komick, “they really help me feel like I am a team member".

Of all the programming projects Sepideh has been involved with, she has found a particular passion for quality assurance and data analysis. She says the goal is to, “produce higher quality applications by assessing risk and providing business intelligence to fix issues, prior to deploying the application”. As her education has tended to concentrate on software verification, the focus is a natural fit and she adds, “I love finding bugs”.

Sepideh finds computer science is a field where, “everyday you can learn something new” and is a concentration that almost necessitates continual learning, “new things always come up and you have to be updated”.

Within IST, Sepideh is content to be in an environment where she can apply her educational knowledge and where she “can grow everyday”.

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