"I've Always Had Way Too Many Machines"

After earning two degrees in linguistics and fluency in three languages, Jordan McEwan had no plans to embark on a career in IT. Yet working with computers is a passion he’s carried his entire life. “I really enjoy that this is my hobby,” Jordan says. “I didn’t go to school for computers… It’s what I did for fun, and now they’re paying me to do it.”

As a Client Support Analyst for Client Support 3, Jordan has a diverse role on campus. He works with Team Lead Stefan Sirdiak and a team of nine people supporting IST Internal, Marketing and Communications, University of Alberta Press and the Faculty of Native Studies. He needs to “understand enough of what a person is doing to suggest the right equipment,” and when problems crop up, “no isn’t an option.”

“I think being able to exercise your skills and gifts, and allow others to as well, is one of the strengths of IST,” states Jordan. “We have a very diverse group. I feel like that’s what a healthy family looks like, so why not a healthy organization?”

Posted by Sheena Moore