High Hopes in Life and the Future Ahead

At any one point in time, Steve could be anywhere on campus. As a member on the Repair and Deployment Team, he’s often in different places on the campus grounds to ensure everything – from projectors to computers – is functioning “at 100%”. The team is also responsible for posting schedules outside of labs for students on a weekly basis – no easy feat – it’s a journey around campus that comprises a “three hour walk”. In addition to making sure everything behind the scenes is running smoothly for students, Steve also looks after technology for professors and his main goal is to always “make professors happy”.

Steve is currently one of eleven staff on the Repair and Deployment Team led by Team Lead Jason Ross. Steve is happy to be part of a team of staff that is not only “nice” but also very “cooperative”. The best part of his job is that he has landed his “dream job after 40 plus years”. He appreciates what the University has to offer: the sense of community on the team, the morning standups that encourage socialization, and the ability to meet with professors and students.

Prior to joining IST, Steve held quite a unique position working on a cruise ship; for 14 years he helped behind the scenes taking care of audiovisual technologies. His experience looking after technology sparked an initial interest and motivated him to pursue a career in IT. He has high aspirations for his future at IST and hopes to further advance in his knowledge, experience and responsibilities.

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